Platonic Friendship

by Mike Christensen

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You meet a charming girl
You talk about the weather
She's got the kind of smile
You could stare into forever
You talk about your classes
And your favorite movie
Her hand rests on your arm
And you're feeling pretty groovy

And you sit there for an hour
And that hour turns to two
And finally at three
You both have things you have to do
And as you say "See you later"
You would settle for a handshake
But instead she gives a hug
And your heart begins to ache

Because you know what she's feeling
And you wish that you could tell her that you feel it too
'Cause there's nothing quite as special
There's nothing quite so powerful as

Platonic friendship
Platonic friendship makes the world go 'round
Platonic friendship
It's totally the only reason I keep following you around

And when I meet your boyfriend
I just wanna hate his guts
But we end up kinda bonding
We both think X-Men 3 sucks
You two have been together
Ever since eleventh grade
But I wish he was a jerk
So I could rush in to your aid

But he knows just what you like
And he knows what rubs you wrong
And he knows when you get sick all you need is
Good soup and a song
And I just want to hate him
But he brings you happiness
So I roll my sleeve up, hide my heart
And you would never guess

But it doesn't even matter
'Cause I'm not the kind of guy who'll try to break a couple up
So I'll just sit on the sidelines
And if you ask, all I'm feeling is

Platonic friendship
Platonic friendship, girl, I love you like a sister
Platonic friendship
Okay, maybe not a sister, maybe a cousin or something, or like a second cousin, they used to get married all the time, that totally used to be okay.

And I know I have no chance
Never had much of a chance
But I still like hanging out with you
At the school dance
And one night at a party
You let a joke slip out
"Hey Mike, what if we both got drunk
And we wound up making out?"

And then you laugh and smile
"Oh man," you say, "it'd be so weird if that took place"
You say you love me like a brother
And I fight to keep the disappointment off my face

Platonic friendship
(Platonic friendship)
From the freshman year t-shirt to the graduation gown
Platonic friendship
(Platonic friendship)
The hopes I have of dating you keep getting shot down

Ohh keep getting shot down
Ohh no

Maybe we could just go to the movies?
You can bring some friends, that's cool
I can do that too


released February 13, 2014
Lyrics and vocals by Mike Christensen.
Music by Terry Carleton.
Special thanks to Jeff Brouillette & Joel H. Hinojosa for their contributions to earlier versions of the song.



all rights reserved


Mike Christensen Los Angeles, California

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